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Index for all notes for ISC schools Section D : Contributions to Fees

Government Help given to pupils in Northern Ireland should be shown under 'Local Authority'. Section O : Post A-level leavers/Gap Year students

Students retaking A-levels anticipating higher grades, whether or not they have a firm offer of an HE place, should be assessed as to probability of their immediate future and entered in to the appropriate Higher Education section. Section L : Destinations of Pupils

Lines 1, 2, and 3 should be used for pupils leaving at standard stages; end of pre-prep is usually age 7 but can be defined by the school to fit with local custom, prep/primary is 11-13, post GCSE is pre-A-level. Post-A-level leavers are included in Section O,

Line 4 (others) should be used for pupils leaving at non-standard stages. For instance - moving from one prep school to another prep school at age 9, leaving senior school after one year of a two year GCSE course.


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