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Index for all notes for ISC schools

The file of dates should be produced with WordPad. If you use Word, please use courier font; do not use tabs or tables, and save as plain text.

The layout of the file is best described with an example:

1336 Saint Richard's School BN2 7HH
Mrs Jane Smith

T 030902-1312                 Michaelmas Term 
O 28                          Open Day 
S 1910                        Prize Giving 
B 19.1300-29.2130             Half Term 
E 09                          Lower 6th Scholarships 
B 15.1300-17.2130             Exeat 
S 28.1930-30.1930             School Play  
S 0812.1830                   Carols for the Community 
S 13.1415                     Abbey Carol Service 
T 070103-2803                 Lent Term 
E 18                          First form entry tests 
E 0602                        Music Scholarships 
B 15.1300-23.2130             Half Term 
S 0603                        CCF Field Day 
O 08                          Open Day 

T 220403-2706                 Summer Term 
E 0505-07                     Art, All-Round & Academic Scholarships 
S 10.1930                     Summer Concert
B 24.1300-29.2130             Half Term 
S 31.1400                     Sports Day 
S 31.1930                     Sports Dinner 
S 21-22.06                    OM weekend
S 23                          CCF Field Day 
S 27.1430                     Commemoration Service Chapel 

The first two lines of the file contains the ISC Reference number of the school, its name and postcode, and the name of the person who should be contacted if there are queries. If you don't know the reference number, include just the name and postcode of the school.
After the first two lines, blank lines may be included anywhere to help readability

Each event is described on a single line:

A single code letter followed by a single space, followed by a date-time, followed by one or more spaces or tabs, followed by a brief description of the event.

Codes - Use lower case for provisional dates
T = Term start and end dates
B = Break - eg half term and exeat
O = Open days
E = Exam / scholarship dates
S = Special occasions, eg. speech day

In the date-time, a dot '.' is used to separate date from time and a dash '-' to separate beginning from end.

In the example above, the Michalemas Term started on 3 September 2002, and went on until 13 December. The Open Day mentioned as the second date was on 28 September. (The month is not mentioned because it is the same as in the line above). Michaelmas Half Term started on 19 October at 1300 and ended on 29 October at 2130.


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