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The EXTRA TEXT service enables a school to add material written by the school to its entry on the ISCis website. A school's Extra Text section appears after the school's data section.

Schools which already have text on the ISCis website will be asked to renew their subscription separately.

Format and Data Submission
You will see that the cost of the service is low. To maintain this economic system the format of the Extra Text section is constrained:

Send the text and (optional) image data to Monkton Combe Computing Service as soon as possible. A proof will be sent, and the text will be put on the web site soon after you have approved the proof.

The charge is £60 for preparation of the entry and one year's display on the ISCis website. (An addiotnal £15 if the information is submitted on paper.)
Extra fee for processing text from paper : £15
Subsequent charges are :
Annual Renewal is £30 (where there is no change to the entry)
PLUS £10-£45 depending on the extent of the changes. (This extra charge will be waived if changes are minimal.)
Charges include VAT.
Please do NOT send payment at this stage. An invoice will be sent later.

Send data to Monkton Combe Computing Service, 1 Church Cottages, Monkton Combe, BATH BA2 7HB. Phone : 01225 723583 Email : julian@bewick.org

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